Maintenance and Technical Support

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The delivery of maintenance and support services of IT equipment, of the equipment users and of the supervisors has been the ADD core activity since the inition of the company. In order to offer services of quality our experienced and trained professionals continue wideing their competences. The quality of our services  is furethermore ensured by our own service center, the availability of the spares, and by a demo center, where the equipment is put to test, the performance analysed and consequently improved.

ADD delivers complex support services ranging from consulting before implementation of changes in IT upto the implementations of complete new solutions and later support in warranty and after warranty period.

ADD offers highest levels of support in IT:

  • Pre-sales support
  • Support fot the equipment of most prominent vendors

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● Pre-sales Support

  • analysis of the current IT satus
  • planning of the equipment purchase, renewal and upgrade
  • equipment selection as per various technology and business measures (ROI, TCO)
  • proof of concepts in real IT environments
  • solutions suggestions with respect to the user requirements and to technological capabilities

● Post-sales Support

We care for the delivered equipment troughout it's whole life cycle!

ADD is the accreditted maintenance services provider of all it's business partners who act through business partners. 

ADD delivers the support services for all the equipment from the product portfolio. Services include maintenance and support as well as monitoring and managing. For theese activities ADD holds a sufficient team of professionals for on-site service interventions and for all the related activities perfotmed off-site. The team is continuousely being trained at the vendors curriculum and is acquiring professional certificates. Post-sales services meet the vendors warranty declarations, while the post-warratny services meet the customers tailored needs and performed with vendors spares logistics throughout the whole equipment exploatation.

ADD delivers the post-sales services
  • based on the services contract with the equipment user,
  • as a subcontractor to the vendor for delivering services agreed between the user and the vendor
  • on a "per-call" basis whenever a user places a service order 
  • services may be included or part of the equipment provision services

● Support responsenivess, terms and levelv

All the parameters of the Post-sales Support are adjustet to the precise needs of users.

Typiocal time windows for the sevice response (time from call to the first supporting action takes place):

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • next working day

Service working hours:

  • regular working hours (usually counted from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00)
  • after hours (e.g. nightshifts, Saturday, Sunday, holidays)
  • continuous response (24 hours a day, all days in the year)

Service levels:

  • no performance parameters to meet
  • "best efforts" working level
  • continuous action in the frame of working hours up to the final solution
  • guaranteed repair time (for Hardware Equipment only)


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