Advanced Application Solutions and Services

As engineers of information systems we offer our customers and our business partners the development of application solutions for small business and for enterprise business segments, as well as the technical support for products of leading global IT vendors.

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● Busines analytics solutions design

More than fifteen years of experience, of continuous devlopment and of constant investments in knovledge allow ADD to offer top level IT consulting  services.

Business analytics consulting:
  • Busines Management and Business Efficiency
  • Consulting for identification of Requirements (studies, analysis, project planning)
  • Quality assurance in MIS (DIS)
  • Vertical solutions
  • Fulfilment of complex business challanges
  • Project management
  • Profesional training
The scope of consulting:
  • analysis of business IT environment with suggestions for change
  • change planning with IT optimization and implementations of suggested solutions
  • technical and commercial suggestions for appropriate and affordable solutions
  • prosesess and  IT solutions analysis and designan for CRM and sales
  • design and knowledge transfer in data warehouse building
  • design and knowledge transfer in implementation and optimization of analytical systems (OLAP, Data minning, Scorecard-i)
  • design and knowledge transfer in data clearing and consolidation in multi sourcing (ETL)
  • consultance in implementation of company document system

● Workshop on Business Requirements

The workshop objecitve is to carry out the analysis of the requirements and options for implementation of a BI solution.

Based on:
  • received information
  • audit of the existing information systems
  • ADD's preofessional experience acuired thtoughout more than 60 successful project
the workshop will result in a suggestion with alternatives of how to implement a BI slution.

The following key business segments are focused:
  • business reporting
  • controlling and finance
  • planning and forecasting
A typical wokshop agenda:

  1. mutual introduction and persentations of wothshop objectives for all the worhshop participants
  2. core analysis: requirements and the actual situation
  3. individual interviews, in aproximately half an hour sessions
  4. audit of the information systems (data availability, monitoring methods, documentation methods)

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