Advanced Infrastructure Solutions and Services

Our offer includes the set-up of the complete information systems, with an in-built spectrum of the business applications and pogramming solutions. We guatantee quality service delivery, full user support and customization of IT systems to your business needs in the following technological areas:

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● Implementation of add.MONITORING

Monitoring and management of IT environment system by implementing a solution called add.MONITORING, set-up by an experienced team with project approach, enbracing:
  • information system overview
  • monitoring plan
  • system sizing by the size of IT user, equipment complexity and other user particularities
  • the set-up of the monitoring server
  • the set-up of agents, protocols, loggings and journaling

● Information infrastructure optimization model

The service is delivered as a workshop where the participants prepare the IT Infrastructure Maturity Analysis of their company. The workshop consists of a structured and systematic process of evaluation of the maturity of the infrastructure by the implementation of a trusted four stages model. The analysis help the participants to understand the requirements and needs of their IT environment. The Workshop starts by evaluation of the actual status ("AS IS") to finish with the expected, required or targeted status ("TO BE").

IOMThe maturity model is composed of four clasess:
1. Basic
2. Standardized
3. Rationalized or advanced (see APIO)
4. Dynamic

The maturity model is built on the methodology Microsoft IOM, where the infrastructure optimization is devided into three basic areas:

1. Core IO
2. Business Productivity IO (BPIO)
3. Application Productivity IO (APIO)

The analysis results in a document suggesting the implementation of projects to bring the company IT to a higher maturity stage.

● IT Maturity Analysis

ADD d.o.o. will help you understand the requirements of your IT environment and determine the path to updgrade it to a safer, better managed and more dynamic environment that enables lower costs and better exploitation of your IT resources.

ADD d.o.o. will carry out the service as a structured and systematic process, that will result in an IT environment that acts as a partner to the business processes in your organisation.

For more or to get the service please do not hesitate to contact ADD.

● Centralized identity management

Is your company considered to manage identities in a secure and effective manner, meaning that all the aspects of governing the access to your information sources are under control?

By means of the Identity Management System you will be confident that your customers, partners or occasional visitors get access to a particular information without jeopardizing your security or the securty of each other.

Based on the Microsoft Identity Management tool ADD designs solutions and delivers services that generaly start by the analysis of the actual state and requirements. Then, ADD prepares the action plan tailored to the customers needs, wishes and the dynamics of your company. The questions to be answered in the delivery prosess and in the paln technical documentation are summarized in the following scenarios:

• Who manages the users ( HR or IT)
• How user goups are managed
• Automation of user groups management
• Management of additional AD accounts
• Forgotten passwords ("self-service" portal)
• User rules management
• Atestation


● Data storing, archiving and protection

Data storing, archiving and protection also for most egsigent users

ADD traditionally provides solutions based on HP products for data storing and archiving that are one of the most advanced in-class. Low ownership costs (TCO) and an effective ROI allow you fast addaptability to mach your business.

SAN tehnology


Below you may find more detailes on HP equipment, in particular:
  • Archiving solutions
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • SAN infrastructure
  • Storage Arrays
  • Archiving Applications
  • Tape Units

More on HP data storage, archiving and protection

● Colocation

In ADD we will help you estimate your IT infrastructure needs that are defined by your business and help you find the appropriate solution. Then we will implement the solution, test it's performance, correct it's funtioning and provide for it's continuous operation.

Consider the colocation services when you need services of an IT center but
  • the costs of an IT center of your own exceed your business scope
  • the planning of the resources over the time is impossible or not reliable and you can not afford to accept investment risks
  • you expect big deviations and dynamics in IT resourses usage and exploatation
  • quick implementation is a must
  • you do not have professional staff for IT management

ADD offers lease of computer room, equipment and of everthing needed for the equipment to function permanently. In other words, ADD offers a simple, fast and cost effective provision of a data center.

● Disaster Recovery Center for business critical IT systems

In ADD we will help you estimate the dependence of your business on the due IT infrastructure functioning:
  • how does a failure in IT threaten your business?
  • what could be the possible impact or demages of a failure to your business?
ADD will then find the most appropriate solution for the provision of the redudnadt data center, the  so called Data Recovery Center (DRC), and implement the solution, test it's performance and correct funtioning and provide for it's continuous operation.

In case of a catastrofhic event, ADD would actively co-operate in operations restore as part of the team, making the full use of the DRC.

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