Desktop and personal equipment

Desktop IT in the office, at home, on the move

ADD is offering a complete portfolio of desktop equipment for the office and for home.

The informatics today starts and eds up by individuals being at work or in his private life. Informatics is usually good only to the point it serves to persons and to the point users are able to make use of it at work, at home or on the move.

Single desktop units is not expensive but when it comes to masses the cost soon exceed those of the core IT costs. That is why optimization of equipment and its usage are crucial for effective business, The same is valid for the equipment that disributes the input/output functions in the busines processes, like document acquiring and printout.


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● Personal Computers

Desktop computers:

Proven efficiency and reliability is tne best investment protection:

  • for companies
  • business desktop computers


We offer the best portfolio of powerful systems with big business value, standard housing, leading graphical performance, certified for the Operating Systems Microsoft® Windows® and Linux.

The offer of proven stbile and reliable UNIX systems, designed to achieve better performance, excellent flexibility and investment protection. Systems feature capable performance, secure and centralized operations with distributed functionality of a workstation.

Workstaton types:

  • PA-RISC Workstation
  • Personal Worksation
  • Workstations as a slice

ADD is delivering the complete desktop equipment portfolio of vendors HP and  FUJITSU.

● Printers

ADD is offering printers and other multifuntion equipment of vendors HP, Fujitsu and Konica Minolta.

We are also offering complete solutions known as "pay per page", which iwe design and the organize the electronic document output to paper in the company. The solution embraces all aspects of prited output, i.e. printing, copying, faksing, etc. The solution is the alternative to printers and other I/O equipment (copiers, scanners, faxes...) purchase, maintenance and management. where the user pays per achieved output, the exact number of printed pages. 

Solution features:
  • lower TCO and costs in general,
  • managed usage and managed resources assignment,
  • makes easier the implementation of security policies,
  • the possibility of total control of the used resourses,
  • it loads off the user of care for the equipment (administration, maintenance, operators ...)
  • improves the organization of the work in the office


● Scanners

ADD scanner offer includes equipment for:
  • the office
  • home and home office
Please refer to the ADD scanner sales official site ...  Fujitsu scanners 

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