Data Management


Data are the essence of IT systems and also in terms of business they reperesent a treasure. The data simultaneous usability, availability, security to loss and unauthorized access has to be adjusted to the business requirements and capabilities.

Today business has to respond immediaterly to the requirements and this dynamic has to be followed b the supporting IT services. Special solutions, the technology avandgarde enable standard equipment to gain agility.

The modern data mastering trends include IT solutions like: consolidation and virtualization of equipment, efficient methods of attenuating the effects of continuous data volume growth (deduplication), methods to improve secutity while reducing the levels of prosessing loads and reducing of the equipment volume.

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● Data Backup

ADD is offering numerous solutions for data backup ranging from the classical data backup on tape to the modern solutions that write backups on disk media. Key products that may be integrated with the a variety of other data storage infrastructure are
  • HP Data Protector,
  • EMC2 Networker,
  • EMC2 Data Domain
Please ask for the references of the implemented, supported and maintained data backup sstems.

● Data Archiving

Data Archiving solutions offered by ADD are mainly covering the archiving systems for messaging systems (e-mail) and data file systems. Data archiving iis one of the key problems of each business as it deals with
  • data storing
  • long term data protecting
  • off-loading of the messaging and data file systems

With due data archiving using a special archiving system the off-loaded generic messaging and data file systems application becomes mush more effective in performing its main function which is message distribution and manipulation with large amounts of files while the users benefit of larger quotas and higher resources usage limits. 

The ADD archiving solution key product is EMC2 SourceOne.

● Consulting

Information technology infrastructure is a term that is practically impossible to be treated separated from the data which for IT represent the aim, the reason to be and to operate. Speaking of IT equipment we have in mind the volume of data  it holds, how fast it moves the data between data storages, what paths do the data travell, to whom and to what equipment the data is destinated and how safely and how reliably does all this happen. .

Matching of the equipment ADD deliveres, technical and organizational concepts with your business requirements and capabilities its a real challange to our professionals. The typical wise and sophisticated buzzwords used in IT, which right now seem to be "cloud", "outsourcing", "virtualization", "consolidation", "TCO", "optimization" etc, get in our documents a comprehensive and clear image.

● Data Warehouse

Extra big volume of data need extra big data storage. But being big is not the only requirement for storage, there are others like being fast and cost effective. Contemporary storage solutions are built on parallel concept. ADD has presented a prallel data warehouse in the Microsoft NT Conference, Bled, 2013.

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