Advanced Infrastructure


The ADD Advanced Infrastructure offer is an integration of:

  • computer hardware and related system software server equipment,
  • disk storage systems,
  • active and passive networking equipment.

ADD holds professional knowledge for implementation and support of software solutions for electronic messaging systems an for solutions management and security of IT systems.  

The advanced level of the equipment is gained by the state-of-the-art functionality and features, in particular virtualization, wireless communication and green power solutions.

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● Servers

Server hardware and system software has been ADD speciality for decades. ADD is trusted business partner of the leading global server vendors HP and Fujitsu. ADD holds an advanced accreditation level due to the acquired technical competences and the business achievemntes.

● Disk Storage Systems

The need to store data is a continuously present. E.g.: the data may be the subject of the business, it may be the base for the business decisions, it may be the subject of hte many business rules and legislation. Data can be therefore defined as a trasure, not only by what it means for the business operations, but also for its net value. Data are a valuable asset. Data integrity, availability and security are vital for business performance and efficiency.

Data storage solutions for small companies may be satisfied with a unique and universal solution while enterprises seek for combinations and complexity.

ADD is offering integrated solutions of the leading global vendors HP, EMC2, HITACHI and FUJITSU.

● Virtualizaton

The term virtualization has many meanings and faces. One of the first virtualizations of the IT resources touched the operating systems. In ADD we master both of the most widely used server hypervisor systems VMware and Microsoft HYPER V.

ADD has been one of the first integrators to introduce hypervisors and still remains in the lead. ADD masters the virualization in small IT environments and the virtualization of enterprises.

● Infrastructure Architecture

The technology of the 21st century allowed new visions in the IT organization. Thus, terms cloud computing and converged infrastructure emerged.

The computer room is still a place heavily filled with electronics and wires, but it is not necessarily located in the users pemises, but somewhere elese "in the cloud" of the computer communication network. This situation brings along several changes:
  • simultaneous adaptation of the available resources to actual requirements
  • simultaneous costs coverage in respect to the actually used resources - the so called principle "pay as you go"
  • costs move from CAPEX to OPEX
  • more time for the user to devote to the core business instead of vaisting it on IT provision to support business
ADD offers soultions that include equipment, tools for equipment management and expertise, all in coo-operation with leading global vendors HP, EMC2 and FUJITSU.

● Networking Equipment

The wide use of internet and the progress in the development of the communication systems get along hand in hand. The speed of data transfer, bandwidth, the enpowrered and new communication protocols, alow new options in business usage. With practically unlimited geographical distribution of IT resources the requirmennts for reliability and availability appear self-evident. This are the reasons for which the networking equipment is in constant evolution from generation to generation and that pace with the world without periodic refreshment of networking technology, is not possible.
The second field of huge technological swing is the Wireless Connection that brought a geat number of personnal equipment to be used in business and in private time.

ADD offers Active Networking Equipment and the equipment for the operation of a Local Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) of the vendors HP and Cisco.

● ADD's specialities

ADD professionals have acquired knowledge in many fields and then confirmed it in practice. Their knowledge is being continuously completed and checked in permanent in professional education programs and in everyday work with hands on equipment.

Many of the competences for particular products represent a complete solution within certain IT environments and can be of significant support to business procesess.

Some of the competences are listed here:

 speciality  description


MS EXCHANGE  Messaging System  
MS AD User Access Management in Microsoft environment  
DRC Disaster Recovery Center  
ZERTO data, backup, data replication, disaster tollerant solutions  

SIEM A general Security Monitoring and Alerting System  
UAG Access Management to IT Resources  
RcG.ASSIST Service Desk, Help Desk, Operations Management and Collaboration  
HP Cloud A complete Cloud IT suppot, Equipment and Services  
VMware Server Hypervisor  
Hyper-V Server Hypervisor  
MS System Center Virtual Infrastructure Management  
For more information, please contact ADD.

The implementation of a variety of product families alows:

  • efficient addoption of IT to the business needs and procesess,
  • bigger margin due to lower and competitive TCO,
  • professional set-up od IT infrastructure based on knowledge and experience of our professional team and it's knowledge of good practices in your business area.

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