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Today's IT is all about services. In spite equipment iz fading out of site and remains hidden to the user, it is still the IT equipment that is the base support for every business. The ADD professionals are well aware of this fact, because euipment has been our business since the time it represented the synonim for IT. We pay much of our attention to equipment selection, delivery, implementation, monitoring and management.

The Advanced Infrastructure is intended for the users in most egigent business critical environments, while the desktop and personal equipment is meant to fulfil working, social and home IT environment of a single person. 

Equipment needs to be managed, monitored and administered. The same goes also for what the equipment is meant for: data. The value of data is measured by the value of the related business and seldom this value exceeds the value of the busines itself.

ADD is in IT equipment delivery business for more than twenty years. We offer the best selection of standard IT elements. Our long term presence, the business scope and experience ensure excellent comercial terms of purchace and competitive care for the equipment throughout it's entile lifecycle.


Infrastructure solutions references


  • EMC2 AVAMAR in Salonit AnhovoSalonit LOGO

    Data Backup on Disk Media with Deduplicarion on source

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  • studio moderna

    Networking infrastructure in STUDIO MODERNA

    HP Wireless Network

  • logo-mm-karton 81

    Networking Infrastructure in Papirnica Količevo d.o.o.

    HP Active Networking Equipment
  • fotona 1

    add.MONITORING in Fotona

    Management and Monitoring of IT infrastructure in a Hi-Tech production plant

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