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DatapolisThe ADD business solutions may be completed by Datapolis workflow tools. Datopolis Process System is designed to help you in creating applications based on MS SharePoint

Datapolis Process System is an advanced platform that allows efficient mastering of business processes and demonstrates high level od adaptability. The system emphasises the knowledge of process contents and does not require deep technical knowledge. In the process decision flow, work flow and particular rule are precisely defined while the paricipannts are guided and informend on the process status, what enables complete flow traceing.


Programming tools named Datapolis Process System bring you:

● Drag and drop designer to model a process and create a workflow

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● Powerful activities designer to automate functionality

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● Applications bring the order and accelerate the workflow creation

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● Central administration to manage the process system

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 Technical requirements

Process is managed automatically by SharePoint portal version 2010 (or higher). Programming is not needed though it is enabled should the standard functionality be upgraded or the connection to other MS solutions (SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio) are needed.

Except to the SharePoint Portal there are no additional HW or SW requirements.


You may find the evidence of actual Datapolis momentum in this Press Release.


More about Datapolis Process System


Should you need an insight to the Datapolis programming tools evolutinon you may find here additional information on Datapolis Workflow.

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