Power BI

ADD makes good use of Microsoft Power BI, a technology designed to build BI solutions entirely in a cloud or in a hybrid evnironment. Secective cloud implementation only of particular solution segments ensures best price/preformance ratio for the complete solution. Power BI completes the  Microsoft BI platform by the following interfaces:

    • Power BI, representing the business analytics services in a cloud with enchanced visualisation,
    • Power BI Desktop,
    • Power BI Mobile.

In terms of agility, the leading global analysts position Power BI on the top, due to:

  1. Power BI fits Microsoft data platform strategy: Power BI binds customer data and Microsoft data platform by alowing the use of the complete Microsoft data solutions, including the predicative analytics capabilities of Azure Machine Learning or Azure Stream Analytics, and thus maximises the business value of each and every single byte of data stored or processed.
  2. Differentiation from competitive technology, that is estimated by:
    • the potential for dramatial changes that Power BI brings into the segment of the "big data" solutions, mostly the accelleration of the solution scaling from simple to most complex one, in a user self-service mode,
    • infinite potential enabled by Microsoft Excel, the most generaly and widely implemented analytics tool, as Power BI allows to easily upgrade milions of existant solutions and leverage the knowledge of milions of existant users into the most complex solutions.
    • Power BI is business users fiendly as it follows the business professional logic and employs business terminology.

Reference: Gartner, Forrester


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