datally-logoDatally is a development environment (framework), where you can easily prepare any application (without programming) following these steps:

  • Input mask / user interface
  • Control (validation) of data input
  • Storage in relational databases

datally 1rIt all begins when we are »in a hurry«, customers (business users) want to have solution »for yesterday« and are willing to pay small amount (0 €).  Usually, implementation of such solutions into ERP or any other core system does not make sense because it is too specific. Consequently, we would have high costs of implementation, development and maintenance (high TCO, ROI problem). Therefore, we decide for temporary solutions, that we usually solve in spreadsheets and desktop databases. Most of the times, temporary solutions have this unpleasent feature to become permanent (fixed).

Logo  WS12 Cert Blu286 2Datally is an excellent solution for small, medium and large enterprises with different business problems. Datally has the appropriate (three-layer) architecture. Data is stored in relational databases, which prevents data loss, provides data auditing, versioning and further use and integration in other solutions / applications. Product Datally holds Microsoft certificate.

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Datally description

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● Key accents

  • A structured environment for data, evidences and supporting processes:
                1.    No data loss
                2.    Enabled data tracing
                3.    Data versioning
                4.    Further data usage
  • Already in use in heterogenious environments and usage modes.
  • Flexible and simple adding of new items/entities/contents.
  • Implementetion in the existant architecture and infrastructure.
  • Usage of the solution in anatytics:
                1.    Dimensions enrichment
                2.    Controlled DWH data import (additional module)
                3.    MDM Module (additional module)

● What Datally is and its purpose

What Datally is and what is not:
  • Datally is not a replacement (a substitute) for SAP, NAV or any other ERP
  • Datally is »nicely« added into your existing IT environment
  • With Datally you can design new applications without programming
  • Datally is of crucial importance for analysts
  • Datally is a generic application
  • Datally brings order
Datally is designed to:
  • Manage content and data (ex. products, resources, business rules etc.)
  • Enrich data:

                1.    Master data
                2.    Dimensions
                3.    Attributes

  • Manage and support business processes
  • Control and manage ETL processes
  • Capture data from Excel and CSV files
  • Manage common master data (Master Data Management)

● Datally Modules

  • Module Dimension Manager:
                1.    Manage content
                2.    Manage database objects
                3.    Enrich data
                4.    Support business processes / activities
  • Module Importer (by Q4 2014):
                1.    Import data from files
                2.    Import validation
                3.    History review (data audit)
  • Module Tools (by Q4 2014):
                1.    Monitor ETL processes
                2.    Trigger load/transfer, checkpoints
                3.    Presentation of information through »channels«
  • Module MDM (by Q4 2014):
                1.    Merge and manage master data and generating master code tables
  • Module Administration:
                1.    Manage users and access

● Technical options and requirements

  • Optional implementation as standalone .NET web applocation or integrated in MS Sharepoint Foundation 2010/2013 or higher version.
  • Both servers, the application server and the file server, can reside on a single server.
  • Depending on the usage mode it is possible to install Datally on the existant SW and HW enterprise equipment.
  • Browser:
                 1.    HTML 5
                 2.    Javascript
                 3.    CSS3
  • Application (WEB) server:
                 1.    Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
                 2.    IIS 7 or higher
                 3.    .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
                 4.    8 GB of RAM
  • Fiel server - SQL Server
                 1.    Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
                 2.    SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher
                 3.    8 GB of RAM

● Usage scenarios

There are several scenarios already covered by Datally application solutions that may be a reference for your case:

  • Dimensions enrichment
  • Management of data import rules
  • Data quality check
  • Management of storage data import rules
  • WMS support
  • Marketing planning
  • Management of P&L structure for planning
  • Import od sales data of distributors
  • Chart of accounts
  • Inssurance case register
  • Inssurance contracts and invoicing
  • Human resources
  • Health check evidence
  • Visits evidence
  • Public tenders integration with a document system
  • Costs forecast
  • Cost price structure
  • Technology structure (item list)
  • Product contents management

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  • datally 3
  • datally 4

  • datally 5

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