add.BI is more than a solution. add.BI is a complete service, that will reliably lead your business to efficient business management (Company Performance Management, CPM). We offer integrated business intelligence systems (BI), that will support your management process entirely and allow you efficient planning, monitoring and analysis of your business.

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● Management Support

   System add.BI fulfils key business rules in a company
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Director Sales Manager
"I need selected information daily at my disposal. BI is my compass."
"I want an effective tool to monitor sales processes, analyses and reporting." "I enjoy data masses. With the right tool I retrieve significant rules and patterens out of them."
1. I monitor the business regularly and react on time. 1. Occasionely I prepare reports by myself. Nowadays I have time to make analyies. 
1. The data is right in my palm. I drill down and I find the answers.
2. I like to search for answres too. 2. I make effective business planning and coordinate planning with my bosses and employees. 2. I can be creative and I can build models of my own.
3. I know exactly where to find an information, report or analysis. 3. Every moment I know exactly, where I am and I keep my scores in green field.
3. I make use of the state-of-the-art technology. The reesults of the automated analysis sometimes give me a pleasant surprise.

● Complete integrated solution of Business Intelligence

A complete solution of Business Intelligence has to support all of the three pillars of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and add.BI offers efficient business planning, analysis and monitoring.

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The schematics of the complete solution of Business Intelligence

ADD will not only implement the add.BI system but also continue to stand-by you to support and enhance your system usage.

At ADD we are perfectly aware that ony people can make use of the information provided by the system in order to help your business to final success.

● A set of best tools to satisfy a complete set of requirements

add.BI is an integrated and complete Business Intelligence system, based on the tools and technologies of prominent partners. Each of tools is the best in class the respective segment (in analysis and reporting, in monitoring and in planning). The tools synergy allows add.BI to satisfy the most exigent users.
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● A complete service

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we consult


  • Business Management and Business Performance Management
  • Consulting for business requirements identification (studies, analysis, project planning)
  • Quality assurance in implementation of BI systems
  • Solutions for Industries
  • Solutions for complex business challenges
  • Project management
  • Professional training

we implement


  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
  • Management of finance records and reports (Finance Certificates and Statements, Risk Management...)
  • Corporate Data Warehouse (DWH)
  • Online Analysis Processig Systems (OLAP)
  • Support of planning processes (budgets, planning, audits, consolidation,...)
  • Business Intelligence Self Service
  • Data mining
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Quality Assurance

we grow


  • More than 12 years of experience in Business Intelligence
  • More than 60 successful implementations
  • Investments in Human Resources: ADD disposes of the most experienced project managers, business analytics, IT architects and developers
  • ADD offers exclusively proven complementary state-of the-art technology for which we hold certified competences
  • ADD is the leader and the best implementator of selected technologies of Microsoft, IBM, TIBCO Spotfire, Roambi and Pyramid Analyitics

we build   Build

  • Long term relations with our customers
  • Enhanced system support with continuous 24 X 365 response
  • Guided process of implementation and further development of I system, to fit the customer's maturity and needs


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