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add.BI is more than a solutuion. It is a complete service that will reliably drive your organisation to an effective business (Corporate Performance Management, CPM). We offer integrated Business Inteligence (BI) Systems, that will completely support your management process and enable you to effectively plan, monitor and alalyse your business.

ADD d.o.o. is one of the few worldwide Microsoft BI »Black Belt« partners and the only Microsoft Microsoft Business Intelligence Gold Partner in Slovenia (lately called Data Analytics), which is one of the leading global platform for business decission making. It makes use of of cloud and on-premise architectures, alowing hybrid set-ups on all business levels.

The ability to analyze and the wideness of data acquiring are the key factors of any business tool. The ADD Business Solutions embrace both. They come in the form of the state-of-the-art technology and have successful implementations in various industries.

Please have a look at our solutions add.BI, application development frameworks and tools Datally, Datapolis, Kepion, Power BI and Pyramid Analytics and find out who is making good use of them. Our users business success is our success too!


References add.BI


  • GENI logoadd.BI in GEN-I

    Business Intelligence in electric energy trade

  • kemofarmacija

    add.BI in Kemofarmacija

    Business Intelligence in pharmaceutical industry distribution

  • Pernod Ricard

    add.BI in Pernod Ricard

    Business Intelligence in the distribution of baverages

  • simobil

    add.BI in Simobil

    Business Intelligence in electronic communications

  • Snaga LOGO new

    add.BI in Snaga

    Business Intelligence in public service

  • studio moderna

    add.BI in Studio Moderna

    Busines Intelligence in international distribution of goods
  • wrigley

    add.BI in Wrigley

    Business Intelligence in international distribution of goods

  • zito

    add.BI in Žito

    Business Intelligence in food production

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