40 x 40 mmOut of a pool of 2500 nominees from 119 countries from around the globe, Microsoft has chosen to award the title of the 2016 Slovenian Partner of the Year to ADD, d. o. o.

ADD was given the title along with other official Microsoft partners from around the world that had demonstrated excellence in innovation and the implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Awards were given out in a number of categories, while recipients were chosen from a selection of partners from around the globe. With the award, Microsoft recognised ADD as a partner providing state-of-the-art services and support within Slovenia.

Fotografija Stane Kastelic 284X267Stane Kastelic, CEO, ADD, marked the occasion by saying, "The 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year award coincided with a crucial moment at our company, as we seek to break into international markets where ADD has yet to establish a presence as expand our services in Slovenia. Our development will continue to be based on support and innovative solutions for large, medium-sized and small enterprises as well as the public sector. In the future, we will continue investing in developing best practices and solutions that will support enterprises in their business activities and the transformation ahead of us due to the digitalisation of our society."


Microsoft bestows the Microsoft Partner of the Year award upon the partner which demonstrated the kind of business excellence with which Microsoft provides solutions to its clients. This award is proof of the fruitful cooperation between ADD and Microsoft Slovenia as well as a business challenge reflected in customer satisfaction and customer acquisition.

Miha Kovač 243X243Miha Kovač, CIO, Studio Moderna, stated that "We have worked with ADD for over 12 years and jointly introduced a number of business analytics and database management solutions. ADD is known for being a reliable business partner that uses past experience from related projects, responsible project management and business intelligence standardisation in its projects. It is without a doubt a mutually beneficial collaboration, bringing together Studio Moderna's complex business model on the one hand and ADD's foolproof solutions. We are more than happy to work with partners like ADD, dedicated to finding solutions to business challenges and hardworking enough to adapt to quick changes and solutions demanded by our dynamic market and business environment."

Fotografija Gregor Hauc 200x200Gregor Hauc, Snaga Javno podjetje, d. o. o. stresses that "We have worked with ADD, d. o. o., on setting up a business intelligence system since 2010. The system known as BI Snaga is used by around 100 employees to manage business processes for 368,000 users at the City of Ljubljana and 36 other municipalities. BI Snaga supports business planning (the entire business plan is entered via BI forms in our data warehouse), analysis (quantitative analyses and financial analyses have been developed for each and every indicator and process), efficiency and performance tracking using the Balanced Scorecard method (separate indicators are developed for the entire process, which are then collated at the company level), and profit-and-loss statements for every process and level in the company.We are extremely pleased with the services provided by ADD experts as well as the provided infrastructure (data warehouse, BI IT equipment, other support systems)," says Gregor Hauc.

Fotografija Gavriella Schuster 256x256Gavriella Schuster, CEO, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corp., used the occasion to say that "ADD is an outstanding example of a Microsoft partner company that has demonstrated talent in providing innovative solutions that contribute to transforming enterprises."





Robert Trnovec 266x266Robert Trnovec, CEO, Microsoft Slovenia, marked the occasion by saying, "My sincere congratulations to ADD, our partner that earned this year's award with its outstanding efforts in providing ways for its clients in their digital transformation. Throughout the year, we could bear witness to its tireless fight for better and for more, making this award more than deserved."



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